Kiko Velvet Mat – Satin lipstick ? 604 Bright Orange

Hi everyone, I just wanted to do a little post on this lipstick I recently bought at Kiko cosmetics.

Kiko just opened up a new store in Amsterdam, and I bought a few things. This lipstick is one of them, and I’m in LOVE! Why? Read and see below.

kiko velvet mat 604 kiko 604 kiko velvet mat Kiko velvet mat

– It has a semi-matte finish, it is definitely not shiny/creamy but it doesn’t dry out your lips. Which for me, as a person with dry skin, is a huge plus! The MAC matte lipsticks for example are too matte for me.

– Can you just look at the packaging.. I mean.. SO PRETTY!

– The price: it is only 6,90. Which is amazing for the quality AND packaging that you get.

– You don’t need to use a lipliner with this.

– The orange makes blue and green eyes pop! But ofcourse it also looks great on brunettes.

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